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My daughter loves to draw - it's her favourite activity along with reading.  Both of which I'm very happy about!  I had an idea for a little project that I knew she would enjoy - a pencil case with her own artwork on it, but wondered if her classmates would like to join in too.

I had a chat with her lovely teacher, and she thought it would be a great idea - so I designed a template for them, and came in to class at art time a few weeks ago.

We showed them some examples of my daughter's art already printed on fabric - and also a finished pencil case.  We also explained the concept of a repeating pattern to them - and that I would take their little drawing, and repeat it over the fabric just like on their clothing!

The result - a bit of a designing and sewing marathon and 25 brilliantly colourful pencil cases!!  They are made of a hardwearing canvas - which can be washed and should last the test of time...


We had them draw a larger design for a centre panel with their name on it - and a small design that would be used as the repeat.  Even my 4 year old joined in - sitting very nicely with the "big kids" - and to my surprise having a go himself!  He never usually participates in anything arty at kindergarten - so I was overjoyed to see him sitting with a drawing implement in his hand!

The class of 6 year olds were incredibly focussed on their work - and very excited that it would be turned into something they could use.  This was my daughter Jessie's finished artwork - her Mermaid Princess:


With her "coordinate"...

And this is the finished pencil case - front and back

I was very very happy at the amount of detail that came through on the fabric from the children's artwork - and the vibrancy of the colors we were able to reproduce.

My added bonus - little Mikey's one...will be keeping these both as little treasures I think :)


I have to say it was one of the most rewarding projects I've undertaken - the sheer delight from the kiddies when I returned a few weeks later with their sewn pencil cases was amazing!  So worth the time I put into them :)

Age 6 is a great time to do them as a project too - they've settled in to school, can write and draw pretty well by now, but are still super excited to do something like this as an activity.

Here are my two kiddies with a photo Jessie's teacher emailed through from the day we handed them out at school - thank you Mrs Miller!

There is now a lovely big display up in the classroom showing the original artwork, and photos of all the kiddies each with their pencil case - great work everyone!!

I want to say a BIG thank you to the lovely ladies in a Fabric forum I belong to - for helping to cover the costs of the fabric for the class.  I had some spare blank space on the yardage I needed to order - so I offered some personalized pencil case panels up to them.  They were snapped up very quickly - and I am very grateful to you all - THANK YOU!!!

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