What is the difference between landscape and portrait orientation?

We ask which format you would like your design printed onto the fabric for all designs that have a single direction or "right way up", in order to give you more flexibility for your project.  

The following images demonstrate Landscape vs Portrait orientation:


As you can see - the design/text itself does not change, merely the rotation of the entire design on your yardage (whether it be a yard, multiple yards, or a fat quarter).  If you are using a single yard, and cutting it up for beanies and bibs, or using for a swaddling wrap - then landscape is probably what you want.  If you are making a cot or larger blanket - then usually customers select portrait.

The default orientation for a single yard print is landscape - this is the way it comes off the printers as the length of one yard is less than the width.  The default orientation for 2+ yards is portrait - as once you get past a yard in length, the fabric is longer than it is wider.