2022 Holiday Deadlines and Operating Hours

Holiday Hours

We are not closing for orders this 2022 holiday season, but we will be operating on reduced holiday hours from December 19th through December 31st in order to spend quality time with our young family. This means that new orders, shipment notices, emails and messages will still be actioned - but most likely twice per day, rather than constantly.  We appreciate your understanding!


Holiday Deadlines

As we all know - the postal services get busy leading up to the holiday season. With this in mind we have worked out some estimated timeframes for you to get your orders in by.  Don't forget to add the time you need to create your special projects to these timeframes!

REMEMBER - Standard Shipping on International orders (e.g. Australia in particular) has been very variable this year.  Do not delay in getting your orders placed - and please leave enough time as Standard Shipping timeframes are not guaranteed.  Express Shipping is the only "guaranteed delivery" method with full tracking - and it will get your fabric to you in around 2 weeks from ordering.

These dates will be updated as we move closer to the holidays as we get the latest information on shipping timeframes.


Australia/New Zealand

Standard Shipping - November 1st 2022

Express (FedEx Shipping) - December 9th 2022


United States

Standard Shipping - December 10th 2022

Express (FedEx Shipping) - December 14th 2022



Standard Shipping - November 18th 2022

Express (FedEx Shipping) - December 14th 2022


Bulk orders (over 4lbs of fabric weight) which receive an upgrade to FedEx Economy shipping under Standard Shipping rates should use the Express deadlines as a guide.